About RSPS Toplists

A RSPS toplist, also known as, a Runescape private server list is a free resource to find Runescape private servers accessible to play today. The most popular servers are determined by the amount of votes they receive by players within the RSPS community and are often positioned at the top of the list. Many Runescape private server lists are available for you to browse with hundreds of RSPS ready to be explored!

How to use a RSPS List

RSPS toplists are extremely easy to use and a great tool to use if you are looking for a Runescape private server! Simply visit a RSPS list website and browse the selection of servers to find one that appeals to you. There are multiple types of RSPS that exist, so it is important to decide what kind you like first. You may click on each server that peaks your interest to read more information about it. RSPS lists allows you to easily compare server features so that you may quickly narrow your results and find the perfect RSPS for you.

RSPS Advertising

If you are a RSPS owner, then RSPS lists are your best friend! Runescape private server lists are known to be the most successful resource to bring new players to your server. Signing up for a RSPS list is free and can be done in a matter of minutes! Once you add your server to the list you must add the toplist API to the code of your website and server to keep track of votes as well as reward your players for voting. Incentivizing and advertising to players to vote is a vital step to raising the popularity of your server in order to bring more new players to your server.

Find a RSPS Toplist

So many RSPS lists are available for your to explore that sometimes it can be difficult choosing the right one. Lucky for you we can simplify all of this for you by suggesting a few of the best! Check out this list of the top RSPS lists.